1 New revelation in the murder case of Kashmiri TV artist Amrin Bhat

New revelation have come to light in the murder of Kashmiri TV aartist Amrin Bhat. Investigation revealed that the terrorists called Amrin Bhat out of the house in the name of shooting and killed him by firing bullets. There was mourning on Thursday in Hushru village of Chadoora area of Budgam.

The family members of Amrin Bhat are crying and asking only one thing that what was the fault of their daughter. Why was he killed ? He was also sorry that after the murder of his doughter, no police and administrative officer reached house to know about his condition.

Amrin Bhat’s father Khazar Mohammad Bhat said that it was around 8 o’clock. Two people came the compound of their house and said call Amrin, she has to go for a shoot. A man entered and brought him outside.

As soon as Amrin Bhat said that how can I go on a shoot with unknown people, one took out a pistol and opened fire on her. During this, his nephew was also shot. Both were injured and taken to the hospital. Amrin was first referred to Chadoora and then from there to the hospital in Srinagar but she succumbed to her injuries.

Amrin Bhat was active on socal media

Before the ban, the video of Amrin Bhat was quite famous on Tiktok. This thing always pricked the terrorist organization. According to sources, Amrin Bhat used to participate in programs with Sena as an artist. Because of this, he was probably targeted by terrorists.

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