People called Mahesh Babu’s film substandard

Mahesh Babu is dominating social media after his statement about working in Bollywood and fees. After Mahesh Babu’s statement, fans and Bollywood are divided into two parts. But in the midst of all this, now Mahesh Babu is trending with his recently released film ‘Sarkaru Vaari Pata’. This film was one of the much-trained films of Mahesh Babu, but this film Mahesh Babu disappointed the audience. People are calling this film of his as shoddy and a waste of time.

This trend started on social media regarding Mahesh Babu’s film

People on Twitter are constantly expressing their disappointment about Mahesh Babu’s film. Not only this, people have started the hashtag Disaster SVP (Sarkaru Vaari Paata) tagging Mahesh Babu on Twitter, which is becoming quite trending on social media. As soon as ‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata’ released in theaters, people started trending #DisasterSVP on social media within 1 hour of its release.

Expressing his disappointment about Mahesh Babu’s film, a user wrote on Twitter with the film is very bad, same old cliched story, no scene is interesting. The 2nd half is even worse than that, it is not Mahesh Babu’s film. Completely flop’.

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