Why does Kartik Aaryan travel in economy class?

Kartik Aaryan is busy promoting his much awaited film ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2‘. Kiara Advani is also with him in the film. Kartik Aaryan is roaming all over North India for the film and leaving no stone unturned for promotion.

Recently, Kartik Aaryan shared a video on Instagram, in this video there are many clips of him from traveling to attending many events. It can be seen in the video that he was sitting in economy class of an Indigo flight going to Chandigarh.

Why doesn’t Kartik Aaryan travel in business class?

After watching this video of Kartik Aaryan, a fan asked, “Why didn’t Kartik Aaryan travel in business class? By answering this, Kartik won the hearts of the people. Kartik replied,”The ticket was expensive,” Another fan wrote,” What a cute and funny video.”

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